This is a rough guide to what any given project will cost you, firstly we need to ascertain how many meters square the area is, obviously the best and most accurate way is to measure the length, then measure the width times one by the other, eg 5 meters long by 4 meters wide so 4 x 5 = 20 meters square now simply times this by the price of £60 gives you £1,200 that’s a fully inclusive price, digging out the existing grass and sub-base, installation of grade 4 treated batten at perimiter edges or resin flexy battens should there be any curved edges, the supply and installation of a crushed granite sub base,followed by a layer of sharp sand, finally a premium grade membrane is laid. To supply and fit any premium grade artificial lawn of your choice, if you have a little trouble with a measure then simply pace out the garden (take longer than normal strides which will be around a meter each step) and do the math as above.




There is a sliding scale of prices for gardens over 50m2 so the bigger the garden the less per m2.

Alas we do have a minimum charge of £1,050 no matter how small the garden, so sorry to say if you do have a tiny garden then aftificial lawn may not be for you.

Any doubts…then let us do the math, we offer an absolutely free no obligation quote.

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